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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? Two Possible Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Some of the first questions that people have about laser hair removal are: How safe is laser hair removal? and What are the risks, dangers and side effects of laser hair removal? It is true that there are some laser hair removal risks and that it does come with a few side effects, two of the more commons ones being acne and skin discoloration. It is always advised that before you go ahead with any such treatments, that you do the required research to ensure you are happy, have covered all bases and answered any questions you may have. You should research and understand all the laser hair removal side effects and risks before you seek treatments or procedures.

It’s true that there have been some vast improvements made to laser technology over the past ten years or so and this has resulted in both doctors and cosmetic specialists being able to help patient with the removal of their unwanted hairs. This innovative laser treatment was designed to give its patients permanent hair removal, which is why the number of people deciding to opt for this treatment has increased so significantly.Laser Hair Removal Side Efects

One of the first questions you should be asking yourself before you even consider getting the treat would be: Is laser hair removal safe? The treatment is considered safe but there are some laser hair removal dangers you should consider. As mentioned earlier the two ‘main’ laser hair removal side effects are discoloration of the skin around the treated areas and/or a breakout of acne. Although they may sound quite severe and serious, they are only minor and have no threat to your long term health whatsoever. There are no long term side effects of laser hair removal.

Firstly, the cause of the skin discoloration is normally down the the consultant having used the incorrect wavelength or medium. This is due to the varying types of laser that are available to the hair removal treatment consultants when performing this procedure. The type of laser that is to be used is usually determined by the client’s natural skin and hair color. This is worth confirming with your doctor or consultant prior to the treatment taking place.

The other and most commonly known side effect caused by laser hair removal is acne. It is a well know fact that the hair on your body acts as a deterrent against bacteria, therefore once the hair has been removed through the treatment the bacteria can on occasion be known to show around the area concerned. Some of the key areas that you may start to see the bacteria is places such as under the arms and the genital regions.

Although the ground breaking laser treatment is available and considered relativity safe, you should be aware of the risks and dangers of laser hair removal side effects mentioned above. It is always advised that you discuss all options with your local GP – prior to engaging in any treatment.

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