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Homemade Face Moisturizer – Making the Perfect Homemade Moisturizing Face Mask

Homemade moisturizer for face guarantees natural nourishment, antioxidants, and vitamins to recreate you dead skin. Every time we use the commercial moisturizer we have little in fact no control over the chemicals used to manufacture the product. On the contrary the home made moisturizing face mask and homemade face moisturizer can be prepared with those ingredients that suits our skin. In other words the home made facial moisturizer can be customized according to our own requirement. Moreover the homemade moisturizers are cost effective and healthy for our skin.

In order to make homemade moisturizer for face you will require the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin e capsule
  • Spoons (wooden)
  • Plastic container or a sterile glass
  • Essential oil like lavender or rose oil
  • One small pot
  • Liquid almond (1 cup) or avocado (1 cup)
  • Bee wax – 1\2 cup

You must begin by heating the bee wax in a small pot. It is essential to maintain a moderate temperature. Therefore it is better to keep the flame at moderate level. The poaching must continue for 3 top 4 minutes.

Now place the almond oil or the avocado into the pot and mix it with the bee wax till it forms a uniform mixture. In order to make the mixture smooth you must continue the stirring. One of the common reasons for continual stirring is to avoid clumps. You must use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture.

Once you are confirmed about the mixture bring it down from the oven and whisk it till it cools down.

To make a perfect homemade face moisturizer you can add one of the essential oils to enhance the fragrance of the mixture. It is not necessary to use the essential oils recommended above. In fact you can add sandalwood, lavender, lemon essence as well. The choice of essence mostly depends upon the user. Since this is a homemade facial moisturizer therefore you can decide the essence of the moisturizer. After adding the essential oil makes sure to stir the mixture for 2 minutes. This ensures equal distribution of the essential oil throughout the mixture.

Finally, add the E capsules to the mixture and stir it well. You can continue stirring for 1 minute.

With the addition of e capsule you have successfully made the homemade facial moisturizer.

Once the homemade moisturizer is made for face it is important to store it in a dark and cool place. The mixture will be ready once it has cool down. If you are planning to store the homemade moisturizing face mask for a long period of time then it is ideal to refrigerate it.

The homemade face moisturizer do not last for a month. Therefore you can make best use of it. The ideal time to make the homemade facial moisturizer is during the winter season.

The above mentioned method can be altered depending upon type of skin you have

An individual suffering from sunburns, redness, infections, pigmentation or acne can add some Aloe Vera gel to the mixture. Aloe Vera gel contains high percentage of beneficial enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. These properties play an important role in repairing your skin.

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