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Korean Skin Care Routine Tips and Secrets

Asia has been known to advance in many technological and industrial aspects. But one other aspect that Asia is very well known is its big advancement in cosmetics and beauty products. They say that Asia is ahead of the Western region when it comes to beauty and skincare products. One good example of this is the big difference of the number of steps taken by a Korean woman over an American woman when it comes to their beauty regimen.

Many Korean women are said to use a lot of skin care products and spend a great deal of time and money to nurture their skin. This is evidently a fact that most of the nations in the world are aware of. Korean skin care is a progressive and traditional practice of women in Korea. This practice is envied by many women from other countries that they tend to keep on discovering ways to get a clue of the Korean skin care secrets. Research says that the Korean skin care routines are strictly followed by Koreans to keep their skin moisturized. It is also fussy and involves a lot of steps.

Here are some Korean skin care tips that are believed to help achieve whiter and glowing skin:

  • Green Tea is not only touted for its many health benefits but also for its anti-oxidants, especially EGCG, which is now extracted by AmorePacific, a famous brand of cosmetics. They believe to have perfected the cultivating of the benefits of this anti-oxidant to use in skin care.
  • Ginseng, especially Korean ginseng, has many health and beauty benefits. It herbal roots help in giving moisture balance in skin. It is also believed to fight signs of aging, which is obviously noticed in the skin.
  • Adequate hydration helps add glow to the skin. This is scientifically proven to be true. Korean women start their day by splashing their face with water in the morning. Also, they drink a cup of water when they wake up.
  • Fruits and vegetables are a very important part of their diet. Natural minerals and vitamins coming from this food groups enhance the glow of the skin.
  • Less sodium in the diet of Korean women, like adequate hydration, helps bring balance to the moisture of their skin. Salty foods tend to use up our body fluids and therefore affect moisture of the skin.
  • Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing of Korean women follows a unique way that they believe to have better results.
    • In cleansing, they practice to clean their face with oil, like coconut oil and almond oil. Then it is followed by foaming cleanser and rinsing. Rinsing is also different, they rinse with warm water first and then with cold water.
    • In use of toners, they prefer to use their fingertips in applying. They say it has something to do with better absorption.
    • When moisturizing, they also apply moisturizers using the fingertips but this time, they rub their hands first to warm it up. Then when applying it all over their faces, they make an outward and downward stroke.
  • Face masks and sheets used by Korean women are infused with different minerals that came from the ingredients that were said to be efficient by their ancestors. Korean skin care routine uses two masks which they use simultaneously in once a week. One mask is a cleansing mask and the other one is a nourishing mask.
  • Neck creams are used to even the tone of their face with their neck.
  • Adequate sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy skin for Koreans. The usual range of their sleep is from 6 to 8 hours.
  • Facial exercise or the stretching of the facial skin is a common practice among Koreans. In this exercise they move their lips and cheek muscles.
  • Less make-up- Koreans apply less make-up, it is believed that too much use of make-ups tend to harm the skin. They focus more on the use of skin care products.
  • Brushing your skin is said to keep the skin toned and also a way to set it for serums and creams that you would apply to your skin.
  • SPF is considered very important in Korean skin care products. Aside from the moisturizing effect of cream products, the SPF level helps protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Exfoliation is typically not done every day by Koreans. They recommend exfoliation only 3 times a week.

Traditional way Korean skin care is still being practiced by a few Korean women. Even though many skin care products and brands are being advertised globally, Koreans don’t jump in to the idea of using them. They are very delicate when it comes to the products they use. There are certain brands that are trusted by Korean women throughout the years. That is a Korean skin care secret that is not noticed by many other women who try to imitate the skin care methods of Koreans.

All around the internet, many Korean stars are also sharing their skin care tips and secrets. Many fans of their fair and glowing skin tend to follow these tips to attain a radiant skin. Others fail and get disappointed. Well, there are also many factors why other women can’t match the level of the beauty of the skin of Korean women. These are factors that maybe in favor of the Korean skin care all along but are not realized by most women. Korea differs in climate, altitude and tradition from many of the women who envy Korean skin. These are factors many don’t consider. One more valuable factor is the Korean diet, we differ from the food we intake, which also affects the health of skin.

Every person is unique in their own ways. Aspiring for a better skin texture is not bad. All that it takes is patience and dedication. Just like the Korean’s practice of skin care. We should learn not only from the methods that the Koreans use to take care of their skin, but also their very high self-control, which has become a key to achieving fairer skin.

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