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Blood Stain Removal – Learn How to Remove Blood Stains From Clothing

There may be times when you find yourself bleeding from a cut while preparing dinner or even when crashing your bike trying to conquer a treacherous terrain. A small wound will certainly not bother you much, however the case is different when your clothing is smeared with blood. Blood stain removal can be difficult especially if it has already set in. You do not need to turn that piece of material into a rag. The key to realize how to remove blood stains from clothing is to treat them immediately. The aid of common household items ensure that you can remove blood stains from clothes in no time.

Getting blood stains out

Blotting the stain
Blood stains are notoriously tough to get rid of and you do not want to make things worse by spreading the stain. If the blood is still wet, make sure that you blot it and not essentially rub it. Work into the stains from outside gradually moving into the center. Removing blood stains by rubbing will just push the blood deep into the fibers of the fabric.

Soaking the fabric in cold water
Place the fabric under the tap or even fill a bowl with cold water. Allow the water to run into the stain and loosen the blood. If the stain doesn’t disappear, add a little ammonia and detergent and let it sit for 15 minutes. Scraping tools are good to use as blood stain removerwith the mix to abate excess solid stains. Rinse the fabric well and repeat until the stain gets removed entirely.

Using hydrogen peroxide
Dab some hydrogen peroxide on the stain. You will notice a bubble will start to form and white foam soon appear on the area. Use an old towel to wipe off. Repeat the stain removal blood process again if the mark is still visible.

The method works best on wet blood stains. For the stain that has already set in, removal may require taking more than three applications of hydrogen peroxide. Technique to remove blood stains from clothes is also applicable to get rid of such marks from carpets, furniture and mattresses.

Use salt
When the cloth gets smeared with blood, make sure that you rinse it under cold water as soon as possible. Take a little salt and make a paste with water. Rubbing the mix on the stain loosens the blood deposits. To understand how to remove blood stains from clothes, try rising with water again and put it to wash in the laundry with some more detergent.

Meat tenderizer effect
Another good blood stain removeris meat tenderizer as it breaks down proteins. The method is similar to the salt water paste, make a mix of water and meat tenderizer. Rub it on the stain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Use cold water to rinse well.

Spitting on the stain
This might gross you out, but spitting is an effective way to remove blood stains. Remember that this only works for small stains. The enzymes in saliva work to break down proteins. Make sure that you run the spot down under cold water after spitting.

The key to know how to remove blood stains from clothing is to treat them as fast as possible, preferably immediately. The sooner you work on the stains, chances are that the blood deposits loosen out quickly. Make sure that you blot the mark to stop it from spreading. Use of cold water is always advisable. If you’re unable to remove blood stains from clothes in the first attempt, do not dry the fabric. Drying the material sets the stain in. Keep treating the stain until completely gone.

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