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Coffee Stain Removal – How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet?

Having stains on the carpet is very aggravating. Carpets are considered the most practical and versatile home decoration. It adds to the aesthetic feel of the house that is why we make sure that carpets stay clean and healthy. There are reasons homeowners use carpets on their flooring. Having carpets for flooring instead of tiles will keep your feet warm. In the morning, cold tiles are not comfortable when you don’t have your slippers on. It also serves as a cushion when infants and kids accidentally fall.

And just like any other furniture or decors, things will spill and stains may be accidentally applied.  One notorious stain that a carpet can get mixed up with is coffee. If not removed right away, it leaves a very visible dark brown spot on the carpet. You have to remove the coffee stain from carpets as soon as possible or they may become permanent. But you don’t have to worry. There are household items which can be used as a coffee stain remover.

How to get coffee stain out of carpet?

It is not easy to remove coffee stains out of carpets. It is a daunting experience which will make you curse the coffee bean farmers. It is indeed a challenging task but you don’t need a coffee stain removal expert to do it for you. As mentioned earlier, a coffee stain remover can be prepared easily. There are effective ways of removing coffee stain from carpet.
Using a clean dry cloth. To stop the coffee spill from getting into the carpet fibers, blot a clean dry cloth to absorb the liquids. Make sure you just blot it and not scrub it to prevent the stain from spreading.

Soap and warm water. Soap and warm water are common household items which if combined can be effective in removing coffee stains from carpet. Use a dry cloth or sponge. Dip the dry cloth or sponge to your warm water and blot them to the stain with an up and down motion. Let a soapy solution settle on the carpet.

Get another set of bowl of warm water and sponge. Dip the sponge or white cloth again to your warm water and gently blot the stained part of the carpet with an up and down motion. Keep repeating these steps until the soap solution is rinsed. Use a fresh dry towel or sponge to completely dry the area. Be careful not to scrub the stained part of the carpet.

Water and vinegar solution. Vinegar is another household item which if combined with water will make a good coffee stain remover. Prepare a solution of 1/3 cup of vinegar and 2/3 cup of water. Dip a sponge or a white cloth to your water and vinegar solution and do the same steps as what you did with the water and soap solution.

If this solution did not completely remove the coffee stain, repeat the steps from the beginning from the water and soap solution. Once the coffee stain is completely removed, use clean warm water to thoroughly clean the area. After rinsing with warm water, use your dry cloth to soak up any moisture or liquid that remains. Again, be careful not to scrub the area.

Now that you know how to remove coffee stains from your carpet, you don’t have to worry anymore if this will happen again. When a coffee stain dries up on your carpet and may look like a permanent stain already, get it wet to loosen it up so it can be rinsed. Worst case scenario, you may need help from an expert if after doing all the steps mentioned the coffee stain removal was not successful.

When removing coffee stains, it is important not to use a scrubbing motion or any stain on the carpet. This can damage the carpet. Alcohol can also be used to remove coffee stains, the reason it is not always recommended as it can damage the color of the carpet.

Lastly, this may not be the case always but it is also recommended to test the prepared solutions before trying to get coffee out of carpets. Check if it will damage the colors.

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