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Ink Stain Removal – How to Remove Ink From Leather?

Leather is widely used all over the world due to its durability and versatility. It can be transformed into almost anything like pair of shoes, belts, bags and jackets. Some leathers are really expensive depending from which animal it was taken from like Alligators. That’s why people really take good care of their belongings made of leather.

The most common disappointment of leather owners is getting it stained. And ink is the most frequent sources of stains on leather. Some people accidentally write on their leather pouches, or some forgot to put the cap and blotted the leather.

Removing ink stains from leather may not be very easy. Although it is believed that ink permanently stains leather, removing ink from leathers can be as easy as erasing marks from a pencil if a proper leather stain remover is used.

Here are some tips on how to remove pen ink from leathers:

Identifying the type of leather you have is essential to know how you are going to remove the ink stain.
There are two types of leather, naked and finished. Naked leather doesn’t have anything applied to it other than the dye. It has no protective coating on its surface, so the leather is highly absorbent so removing ink from this leather is difficult.

Finished leather is also called semi-aniline leather. The leather is painted with a dye as well but a coating was applied to protect it from stains.

Testing the leather to identify if it is naked or finished is easy. Just let a drop of water on the leather’s surface. Water soaks in naked leathers. On the other hand, a drop of water on finished leathers should just bead off.Ink Stain on a Leather Purse

Checking the Ink Stain:
If the ink was just softly swiped onto the leather surface, then the ink is still removable. However, if the ink already seeped in and showed fading inks on its sides, then it could be permanent. This stain is going to be difficult to remove, and your option could be calling professional leather cleaner.

How to remove ink stains from leathers using household items

Damp cloth treatment. If the stain is still fresh and you can still see the ink wet and hasn’t soaked yet, use a damp cloth to transfer as much ink as possible. Use an up and down motion to do this. Don’t rub or you’ll push the ink into the leather. Keep in mind that once ink seeps into the leather, it basically has recolored the leather. No amount of aggressive rubbing will change that fact. Rubbing and forcing the ink to fade can damage the leather surface.

Soap Solution. A mild soap solution is sometimes used to remove ink from leather. Use cotton or a damp cloth. Wet the damp cloth with your soap solution and then gently clean the stained area on a circular motion. Sometimes, you may be able to remove some of the stain and make it fade a little. But not entirely gone.

Alcohol. Being one of the most common solvents used to remove stain may be applicable to remove ink stains on leathers. Double check first if the color of your leather will not be damaged by the alcohol. You can apply it to hidden areas and see if alcohol is going to smear the color. Once the cotton has some of the inks transferred, replace it with a new one.

Hair Spray. Some people have tried using this as leather stain remover. You spray hair spray on the stained area and then you wipe it with a damp cloth.If none of these chemicals were able to remove the stain from the leather, most likely the ink has settled already. There are leather stain removers available commercially.

If ink removal from leather was unsuccessful, you may need to contact the experts on this. Seeking professional help is highly recommended to avoid any further damage on the leather. Redyeing will be the next possible solution if removing ink from leather is impossible. Leather dyes are now widely available to refurbish leathers. Leather dyes are used for touching up, and refinishing of the leather.



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