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Chocolate Stain Removal – How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Clothes

Hot chocolate is one of the best drinks that everyone loves to prefer in cold season. Is there any other solution for passing your free time other than TV? The answer is yes, you can prefer a cup of hot chocolate. The solution is comfortable and cozy but it caused problem when it suddenly falls over your clothes or carpet. These types of cases are very common that you usually do not want to happen with your fabric. It creates a deep stain over fabric which is quite hard to remove. If you are also facing the same problem then don’t lose the hope. Look for the best alternatives that can be used for chocolate stain removal. Here are some alternatives that will explain you how to remove hot chocolate stains from clothes, carpet or fabric.

  • First of all, use a clean sponge or clothe and rub the affected area gently. You should act fast because rubbing the hot chocolate instantly may avoid the stubborn chocolate stains at the clothes. Be careful until no more liquid gets transferred to the fabric.Chocolate Stain
  • Now you have to prepare some effective cleaning solution to remove chocolate stain from the fabric. For this purpose, you can use ammonia which is readily available at home. Mix the hot water and ammonia together for preparing a strong cleaning agent and dip the cloth inside the solution. After some time, the chocolate stain will start breaking down. Now proceed to the next step.
  • Spray the mixture several times for removing chocolate stains. Leave the solution exactly for two minutes; now rub the affected area with clean cloth. After sometime, you will notice that stain has become lighter. It means your solution is working over the chocolate stain. Continue rubbing until it does not remove completely. Soon your fabric will become spotless.
  • At the last step, rinse the affected area properly for avoiding any future residue in the long run. Now dry the cloth to finish the job.

Removing chocolate stains from cotton

You must be thinking how to remove chocolate stains from clothes like cotton? Use water and dish washer solution together for chocolate stain removal from cotton. Fabric experts suggest using cold water for fabric and hot water for carpet stains. Now wash out the stain properly with cold water and rinse it thoroughly. You can dip the cloth directly into the solution. If stain is not removing then you can rub the affected area gently. Leave it in the same position for two to three minutes. Make sure that you are rubbing the fabric continuously until the stain is not gone from the fabric. Once it starts getting disappear, you can wash the affected area.

For stubborn chocolate stains, you are advised to add ammonia to the solution. Ammonia is a strong cleaning agent and it will surely remove the stain from the fabric. Also add small amount of hydrogen peroxide for ensuring deep cleaning. Now you must have got an idea about the concept how to remove chocolate stains from fabric.

Though chocolate is considered to be one of the finest treat yet a single stain can leave your cloth dirty. Chocolate stain results from candy, ice cream, hot chocolate or hot cocoa. The Ohio State University Extension tagged chocolate stain as a combination steps. As how to remove chocolate stains involves two steps method. The cleaning method includes the cleaning of dye and oil elements.

To remove chocolate stain you will require a bowl, detergent powder and some paper towels.

Following are the steps recommended for removing chocolate stains:

  • It is essential to remove the loose chocolates from the clothes prior washing you can also use a wet paper towel and dab the stained area .The paper towel will help you to remove some of the small stain.
  • Now add the detergent powder on the bowl .The detergent should be in powder form. Now mix the powder with some lukewarm water .The ratio of the detergent and water should be 1:1.Now apply .The paste on the stain. It is essential to dab the paste gently on the affected area. Make sure the paste penetrates the fabric of your dress. Allow the paste to remain for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes bring the cloth under running water. It is essential to wash the cloth with cold and running water.
  • Now make a solution of color safe bleach and water. The color safe bleach is mostly available in powder form. The color safe bleach is recommended for the patterned fabric and colored clothes.

In order to remove stains from white fabric you can use the chlorine bleach. You can mix the water with chlorine bleach and apply the same on the stained area. Allow the bleach to remain for 12 to 15 minutes.

  • Now place the clothes under the washer and wait for the stain to get vanish. After washing the garment you must check the stained area. If the stain gets removed then allow it to dry. In case the stain does not go then it is better to contact the local dry cleaner.

Essential advices for how to remove chocolate stains from clothes

  • It is essential to deal with the stain at the earliest.
  • Cold water is best recommended for stain removal. In fact hot water can damage the fabric and loosen the fabric strands.
  • Prior applying the color safe bleach it is important to test the same on the hidden parts of the dress.
  • Prior applying a cleaning agent it is essential to clean the earlier applied cleaning agent to avoid unwanted reaction in the fabric.
  • Prior applying any of the cleaning agents you must read the instruction in the packet or sachets.
  • The fabric must be handled gently to avoid unwanted damage.
  • The most recommended method for how to remove chocolate stains from fabric is white towel blot. You must fold the towel and dab it on the affected area.
  • If you are planning to remove a stubborn stain then wash the fabric prior removing the stain.
  • Make sure to read the label of the cleaning agent .Many color safe might contain harmful chemical that can affect your garment.

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