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Remove Lipstick Stains – How to Remove Lipstick From Clothes?

If you are wondering how to remove lipstick stains effectively, there are certain methods that you can use. In most cases, we barely notice that the lipstick stains are there and this is the reason why removing lipstick stains is so difficult. The secret to effective lipstick stain removal is to discover the presence of stains as early as possible to prevent it from setting deeply into the fabric. Once you see any lipstick stains present in your clothing, you have to make sure that you will utilize certain lipstick stain removal techniques.

The first method on how to get lipstick out of clothes is to blot it with a piece of tissue or terry cloth. Just make sure that you will avoid rubbing since it will simply set the lipstick stain into the fabric and make it wider. You can remove majority of the surface stains with this approach but there are still minimal traces left on the fabric. In order to effectively remove these traces, utilize a dish washing detergent that can remove grease. Always remember that lipstick is basically an oil-based product and requires a stain removal solution that can effectively remove grease or oil. All you have to do is to moisten the stained clothes and apply a little amount of detergent. Allow the fabric to soak in the detergent for about 10 minutes and with a washcloth, work in a circular motion on the stain.

Another method on how to remove lipstick from clothes is to use alcohol. It is a simple method and commonly used to remove lipstick stains. Since you readily have an alcohol at home or always have one in your bag, it is ideal for the emergency removal of lipstick stains. All you have to do is to apply alcohol on a clean terry cloth or cotton swab and dab it on the lipstick stain until it is soaked. The last step is to apply cold water on the stain and rub in a circular motion starting at the edges and eventually rinse thoroughly and repeat until the lipstick stain is completely removed.

The last method is to use ammonia. All you have to do is to apply it on a wet piece of cloth or cotton swab. You have to gently dab it on the lipstick stain in a circular motion starting at the edges until you reach the center. You should wash the fabric by hand in a warm and soapy water until the stain is completely removed.

With these effective methods, you no longer need to worry about how to remove lipstick from clothing anymore. Just make sure that once you discover lipstick stains on your clothing, do not allow it to set but dealing with it instantly with the methods stated.

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