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Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks – An Overview of Laser Stretch Mark Removal Surgery and its Cost

For most people who have had stretch marks since a long time and have been wanting to get rid of them completely, finding the perfect solution has often been a very difficult task. However, in case you are searching for an effective treatment which would ensure the permanent removal of these ugly marks, then stretch mark laser removal surgery is the best choice available. Laser stretch mark removal cost vary between $800 to $1500, depending on the type of case and severity. It is therefore the most expensive of all treatments for getting rid of stretch marks.

Laser stretch marks removal is one of best techniques for getting rid of stretch marks on a permanent basis. Stretch marks are a type of scar which can form on any person’s body due to a variety of reasons. However, most people develop stretch marks when they gain weight rapidly or lose it, due to which their skin does not get enough time to stretch in its natural course resulting in the formation. The severity of stretch marks and their prominence varies from person to person, and you would across some people who’s marks are quite delicate and not at all prominent, while there are others who’s marks are quite discolored and give their bodies a very ugly look. Your skin is be flexible in the moderate sense, but is unable to cope up with the rapid during weight gain or pregnancy.Stretch Marks on Belley

The stretch mark laser removal surgery is a very efficient treatment and would definitely resolve your dilemma. The sound of a surgery actually sends jitters into the bodies of many people, and you might be surprised as to how simple and easy laser stretch mark removal surgery actually is. This type of surgery utilizes a very advanced technology which makes it so effective, and rather than removing your stretch marks surgically, they are removed using a beam of light which penetrates into the layers of your skin and destroy the scarred tissue causing the stretch mark. Eventually, the tissues start disintegrating and vanish forever.

There are several advantages associated with undertaking this option. The first advantage of laser stretch mark removal surgery is that it helps to remove the red stretch marks while reducing the prominence of silver or white colored stretch marks on your body. The entire procedure is painless, and you will not feel a thing. It gets rid of the dead cells and tissue which helps in the production of new cells, which help to heal your skin.

Now that the old tissues have been gotten rid of, the collagen in your skin becomes activated and new skin tissues start developing initiating the healing process. This means that while the laser stretch mark removal treatment helps to get rid of these scars, but it also helps to make your skin become smooth and healthy. Micro dermabrasion can be combined with laser removal of stretch marks which would help to make your skin more smooth and healthy. This is just a cosmetic procedure which involves the removal of dead skin cells accumulating on the outer most layer of your skin. Lastly, the time taken for your skin to recover is very short, making stretch mark removal laser surgery a great option.

The success of laser stretch mark removal surgery also depends on your age. You need to remember that the type of stretch marks vary from one person to the other, which means that certain treatments will not work out with you. Initially, stretch marks are usually in either brown or red color but with ageing, they turn silver and white. Laser treatment for stretch marks should therefore be undertaken once these stretch marks form since it would be far much easier to remove them then. Lastly, the effectiveness of stretch mark laser removal procedure also depends on the complexion of your skin. If you happen to be dark colored  that means that your skin would absorb more melanin when the surgery is being performed and you may have some injuries on the surrounding skin. It is therefore always advisable that you consult your doctor before undertaking any such surgery.

Therefore, stretch marks removal laser is very different from other surgeries such as peeling for removing stretch marks and has negligible side effects making it a popular choice. The time taken for the completion of laser surgery stretch marks is quite less as compared to other surgeries and would take between 5 to 60 minutes depending on the severity of your case. However, you might experience a little pain in the form of blisters or inflammation in the area operated upon for a few days or so. Moreover, a new layer of skin would form over the area where the stretch marks were located and it will be very soft and sensitive. It might take you another few weeks before your skin can fully recover after your stretch marks laser removal surgery. The success rate of laser for stretch marks removal is quite high and is very effective. In fact, most patients have given very positive feedback regarding this technique and some reported that even the most stubborn of all stretch marks disappeared. But if your stretch mark doesn’t disappear completely, you maybe required to undergo more sessions for complete removal, with some going up to 10 sessions of laser surgery for stretch marks.

Stretch mark laser removal cost is quite high, and it is the most expensive treatment for removal of stretch marks. So you may want to consider your options and visit your doctor before you go for one.

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