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Hide and Fade Stretch Marks – Tips on How to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks develop when a person gains weight rapidly which results in undue pressure on your skin which tries to accommodate by expanding in reaction to the sudden change in your body’s dimensions and weight. While your skin is very much elastic, the amount it can stretch has a limit. When this stretch limit is crossed, the inner layers of your skin start tearing apart and when that the lower layer is not intact any more, your skin develops lines colored in pink and purple. The color is the result of capillary bursts and after the passage of time, their color changes to silvery white. These are the lines which we refer to as stretch marks, but scientifically speaking, they are identified as scars. They are, after all, the result of your skin tearing which produces these marks.

Stretch marks are found in the dermis is the middle layer of your skin. This is the layer of your skin which is elastic, and allows it to adjust the changes in the dimensions of your body. However, repetitive pressure on your dermis results in it breaking up which causes the formation of stretch marks. A large number of men and women usually have them around their upper arms, hips, thighs, breasts and abdomen regions. Such people are often found searching do stretch marks fade and how to reduce stretch marks naturally and fade them to make them less visible. There are several ways of how to hide stretch marks but please remember that the treatment requires a lot of patience from your side, and never fall for those products which promise to get rid of stretch marks permanently since that is not possible.

The first step on how to reduce stretch marks is to begin the use of lotions to fade stretch marks. These lotions contain an ingredient which is the alpha hydroxy acid and it really helps to get rid of all the skin cells present in the upper layer of your skin and cleanses it so as to catalyze the production of new cells, making your skin healthy and glowing. You should use these lotions on a regular basis and follow the instructions if any are given. Again, patience is the key when it comes to your question of how to fade stretch marks fast, and if you discontinue use abruptly, then you won’t experience any results. Always use lotions with Vitamin A, C and E since they play a huge role in fading the appearance of stretch marks while improving the natural health of your skin.

The second very popular method on how to hide stretch marks is going for surgical treatment. Among the effective treatments are laser stretch mark removal and chemical peeling, and they may help to get rid of these marks completely. Stretch mark removal surgery happens to be the only method through which you can surely get rid of stretch marks on a permanent basis. The diet you take plays an important role in the health of your body together with your skin. If you want to reduce your stretch marks and fade them, then you need to start eating foods which contain high concentrations of zinc, Vitamin A, C and D together with protein. Such foods may include nuts, fish, citrus fruits, vegetables, eggs and dairy products.

It is hoped that the above information will help to answer the question of how to reduce stretch marks to tolerable levels.

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