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Stretch Mark Surgery – A Short Review of Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks Removal

Just the mention of the words stretch marks in front of either women who have been pregnant in the past or other people who have had them, and you would observe a sudden swing in their expressions. The formation of stretch marks on your skin occurs when your skin is forced into stretching at a very rapid pace, and this usually happens when you are either pregnant, bodybuilding, or have gained/lost weight rapidly, which results in the tearing apart of your skin leaving behind a scarred tissue on the surface. The tearing takes place in the sub layers of your skin rather than the surface, but the appearance is quite prominent due to the formation of pink or purple colored threads. While there are lots of treatments available for getting rid of stretch marks, laser surgery for stretch marks has been a very popular option since the past many years since the results are often quite successful and it is great for those of you who feel their beauty is being damaged by their presence.

The formation of stretch marks do not signify any medical condition or result in one, but at the same time, people want to get it removed for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, for those of you wanting to get stretch marks removed, laser surgery for stretch marks happens to be a great option since it has minimal side effects and no complications. However, you should always contact a licensed professional surgeon for performing the stretch removal surgery. Stretch mark surgery is not complicated, but you wouldn’t want to end up in a disappointing situation.

If you happen to have stretch marks on your body and you want to get rid of them, then you should definitely consider laser surgery for stretch marks which is quite effective and has minimal side effects. For most individuals, stretch mark removal surgery happens to be the last option available after all the other treatments had disappointing results. Laser stretch mark removal is only a minor surgery and you need not make any preparations for it to happen.

Laser surgery to remove stretch marks uses a laser as the name suggests, which is a very concentrated light beam which is used for the removal of the thin layers of your skin where the stretch mark is present. It involves the use of a laser which is applied around your marks in order to break the bond of dead cells on your skin and is a highly advanced process. The biggest benefit of laser for stretch marks is that it helps in the disintegration of dead tissues which means that all your stretch marks are gotten rid off without harming the layers of your skin.

The performance of the stretch mark removal surgery results in the riddance of the stretch marks and your skin begins to heal with the formation of new cells around the affected area. Stretch mark surgery is not at all long and would take hardly between 10 to 60 minutes depending upon the severity of your stretch marks due to the part of your body where they are present. You may even require up to six sessions though depending on your case. While the laser surgery for stretch marks is being performed, you may get a subtle pinching feeling but at the same time, the pain is negligible and you won’t feel a thing afterwards. As far as side effects of plastic surgery for stretch marks are concerned, they are possible but are often quite rare, and you may end up with a few scars, bruises or blisters around the treated area. In case these symptoms appear, you need not worry since they would dissipate within a few days.

The downside of laser surgery for stretch marks is the laser stretch mark removal cost, which is often very expensive. Each session may cost you between $400 and $2000. You should consider your options for stretch mark removal before you opt for surgery to remove stretch marks.

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